500 g dates chopped finely
1 cup mixed nuts powder (almond, cashewnut, walnut, pistachio)
1/2 cup dessicated coconut
1 tbsp ghee
1 tsp cardamon powder
extra ghee just to apply on the palms for shaping Laddus

Heat ghee in a thick bottom pan.

Add the chopped dates and roast them on medium heat.

In 7-8 minutes dates will start getting soft.

When the dates are soft add the dessicated coconut and crushed mixed nuts (almond, cashewnut, walnut, pistachio)

Mix the coconut and mixed nut powder together and then remove the mixture into a plate.

Apply ghee on the palm and then take small portion of the date mixture on it . Shape the mixture into small Laddus as shown.

The Laddus are ready and ready to serve. Or store them in the airtight container.

You can also spread it in a greased plate and cut them into small squares.

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